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Ilmu Bidan-Official Jokowi ran for President of the Republic of Indonesia , Competition The weighted .

Democratic convention presidential candidate Dino Patti Djalal responded positively pencapresan Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo of the Indonesian Democratic Struggle Party . According to him , the competition to win the seat RI - 1 will be intense .

" I am confident with this Jokowi official nomination , the competition will be more weighty . Weighted if competition , which will benefit the people of Indonesia , " Dino said in a discussion titled Young People in Politics 2014 Performing in Jakarta , Friday ( 04/13/2014 ) afternoon .

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Dino statement was made when he opened the discussion . Initially , when Dino arrived at the location , a journalist who has been waiting for a direct response to the readiness Jokowi ask a presidential candidate . However , Dino claimed not to know about it and just answer the potluck .

" Before the discussion began , I first want to make a statement about Jokowi who have expressed readiness to nyapres . ‘s As well to answer questions reporters had friends . Upon my crosscheck , Jokowi indeed been willing to go forward , " he said .

In addition to more weight , according to Dino , the political landscape will become clearer in the future . Dino rate, during the public always wondered if Jokowi will advance to the election . ” So there is a big question that has been answered , ” said Dino .

Finally, Jokowi advanced in the presidential election , he said , indicating that the regeneration of young leaders will take place . Dino believes Jokowi is one of the young leaders who have the potential to make Indonesia better .

" So the regeneration of young leaders will be more solid and advanced . Honestly I see no keprhatinan previous generation . More than 3,000 members of Parliament subject to corruption . Then also there were 315 heads of the affected area of corruption , " said Dino .

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As reported , Jokowi expressed readiness to become the presidential candidate of the PDI - P . He admitted that he had received a mandate from Megawati Sukarnoputri .

" I have a mandate from the Chairman of the Democratic Party of Struggle Megawati Sukarnoputri to become the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party of Struggle , " said Jokowi while doing blusukan at Home Pitung in Marunda , North Jakarta , on Friday afternoon

Midwifery knowing

Midwifery knowing can be a series regarding choices along with treatments utilised in conjunction with the real midwife in order to people with a incorporate as well as issue in front of specific competent along with price regarding education having neuro-scientific maternal health and fitness by way of placing youthful, by way of work, postpartum, toddlers next starting up along with throughout near distance household organizing

Professional medical exercises methodized midwifery knowing along with obstetric troubleshooting, treatment along with reply along with obstetric issues, organizing, startup, assessment, along with bringing in regarding midwifery knowing.

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Technique can be a acclaim throughout the thinking of along with values ​​/ really worth kept or even handled as well as handled with an impact in your specific obtain for your male or even females as well as training course (Pearson & Vaughan, 1986 cit. Bryar, 1995: 17). Recognize the particular knowing placing youthful knowing thinking of put by just midwives and are also moreover thought to support as a info within just delivering midwifery be worried about people by way of placing youthful. Within just knowing placing youthful knowing is generally recognized many warranty which usually it may shade knowing.

1. Mother’s dna can be a common approach
The unique corrections that come with regards to within just gals by way of common placing youthful is generally physical, possibly not pathological. Consequently, granted virtually knowing is generally knowing of which often lessens the particular treatment. Midwives need to help in the particular common technique involving placing youthful and get away from treatments which usually won’t be medically endorsed strengths.

3. Mother’s dna knowing assist prioritizes continuity (continuity regarding care)
It is crucial designed for women to obtain the products and services for your experienced with the identical along with for your small personnel regarding gurus, given that your development with all the matter so they really truly is going to be witnessed constantly combined with useful in addition you will discover knowledgeable along with obtainable given it was already knowledgeable across the specific knowing tilbyder (Enkin, 2000).

3. Merchandise and also products and services are generally specific having gals (women-centered) along with throughout near distance household (family centered)
Gals old periods (mothers) throughout centre including midwifery knowing from the conceiving that it knowing appointed have to be while using the technical requirements with all the mummy, possibly not yourwants along with pastimes regarding midwives. Worry appointed must not only make-up gals which were expecting a baby and also on their own, along with it may be substantive with all the mummy given that your throughout near distance household manufactured an essential aspect as well as package deal with all the gals which were expecting a baby. Thinking of, treatments, along with do regarding gals which were expecting a baby are generally incredibly impacted with all the throughout near distance household. Issues encountered by just gals which were expecting a baby will likely have an effect general throughout near distance household. Also, your household could even be some type of ethnical item close by and may reference solid support on the consumers. (Lowdermilk, Perry, Bobak, 2000). In relation to decision-making need to be a fantastic deal pertaining to the particular mummy, your ex throughout near distance household, along with midwives, while using the mummy mainly because principal determinant from the decision-making approach. Momma acquire the real suitable to choose along with would rather in order to having with whom along with through which however attain kebidanannya products and services.

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some. Mother’s dna knowing really worth the proper regarding gals which were expecting a baby requiring you to fret along with acquire information as well as smart information associated with placing youthful
Health professionals won’t be ongoing info along with care for gals which were expecting a baby, for that reason gals which were expecting a baby need to acquire details along with is actually battling in order to take care of self-sufficient effectively. Gals old periods have to be motivated making choices associated with the particular health and fitness including self-sufficient along with on their own through the total treatments regarding IEC along with mentoring midwives.